Boo Pala is a vibrant ready-to-wear brand and aims to push boundaries of colour, silhouette and textiles. Fashion is seen as an art form. Pattern cutting and detailing partner with the latest textile and surface design technology in order to produce innovative outcomes since 2014. Every collection has its own story and we want our customers to become a part of this creative journey.

All collections have autobiographical elements intertwined from Buğu Pala; the creative director and founder of the brand. In Boo Pala collections, it is essential that we interpret a multi-purpose, comfortable and balanced blend of feminine and masculine forms. All designs appeal to colourful souls that like to mix, match and have fun with their wardrobe.

Slow fashion brand Boo Pala London provides individuals with the finest quality products whilst consistently focusing on sustainability. Boo Pala are innovative, ethical and maintain a diverse, equal and fair environment for our workers’. In order to find eco-friendly solutions for the world we live in, a zero-waste approach is taken; all materials used are up-cycled, recycled or donated to art and design universities if no longer needed.

Synthetic materials are produced using recycled plastic bottles and new system technology is underway to reduce water usage for organic and natural fibre fabrics. Using less water and less energy throughout the production process of our merchandise ensures that Boo Pala concentrates on collections that tell a timeless story rather than following obligated seasons. Boo Pala also offers luxury fashion consultancy, and professional solutions will be applied to a variety of cases in order to satisfy the customers' needs.


Photography by : Erna Kuik



Buğu Pala is a fashion and surface textile designer born in Istanbul.

Her unique and endearing name was chosen by her mother ;
translating as ‘Mist’ in Turkish and pronounced similarly to ‘Boo’.

Buğu’s ultimate goal is for her designs to become one of your best friends.

She studied an arts and design foundation diploma at UAL: Central Saint Martins,
before progressing onto a BA (Hons) Degree in Fashion Design & Technology:
Surface Textiles (Print specialisation) at UAL: London College of Fashion.