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Thank you for visiting our site! We wanted to create an interactive platform for you to watch, feel and get more curious about our work!

I would like to give you more information about what the hell is going on in our website. In the ‘BLOG’ section, you will be able to get more insight about our work, our world and what amazes us.

Obviously, the ‘COLLECTIONS’ bit is all about fancy photos of the auch-fits that we been getting highly intimated with. ‘SHOP’ section is what we are working on still and hope to introduce to you shortly. You will be able to take a close glance to our available garments, which will be just a click away from being yours.

We think of art and we do art. This was the main point for us to create the ‘WATCH’ section. WATCH is where our garments meet some bad ass music and the next level of visualisation; videography. We collaborate with creative minds and our goal is to take our designs to a next level of visual satisfaction. When we work on a collection, we take good care of all aspects of the process. An excellent silhouette teaming up with an excellent textile production is the key to the creation of an efficient design. What makes you fall in love with a garment is not only about it’s look. It makes you feel something and that’s why you say to yourself; “Oh well! This shit is fucking awesome!”. In the WATCH section we want you to get your grooves on and capture the moments of the little details. Details are what pokes your aesthetic values and makes you want to happy dance!

Since kindergarden, I’ve always been into doodling some ladies with clothes. I’ve never been afraid of sharing my enthusiasm to fashion with others. ‘FEEL’ section is an online sketchbook where you can see the journey of all the collection pieces. It’s where you meet my sketches, my inspiration as an artist/designer. Everything has a story and we surely want you to know the background of the unique Boobieland design you’ve been fancying.

‘ABOUT’ is only a love letter for you my darlings. We wanted to leave the crab out of our zone. You probably didn’t expect for me to write my whole CV there. However, I would love to share some information about where I am coming from and what my journey was before ending up creating my own brand.

I am from Istanbul, Turkey, the land of kebabs and belly dancers. I define myself as a modern day nomad, since I’ve always been finding myself on the road, travelling. Travelling renews me and that was the main reason that I ended up in London for some high level education. I finished my art and design foundation degree in Central Saint Martins, June 2010 . Then, I moved my sweet self to the BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Surface Textiles program of London College of Fashion. Until my graduation in  July 2013, I worked with Peter Pilotto, Zeynep Tosun and Lulu Liu as an intern. Life of an intern is suffering but the life experience I’ve earned is priceless. In meantime, I worked with several print and textile companies in the industry since my specialism on fashion is distinguished by my love and passion to fabric design.

Anyway, let’s cut this part right here.

‘PRESS’ is where you find the goodies about our published work on magazines, blogs and all. ‘CONTACT’ is where you should feel free to communicate with us.

Thank you again for the visit! Hope you enjoy the ride!

Boo Xxx

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