Sketchbook – The Mole


The Mole

The usage of the underground space has been quiet the subject of interest in the area of transportation. Tunnel Engineering is an interesting field of work, the working process is tough, exciting and complicated. It is a surreal working environment and is a 24/7 job which involves endless effort and caring. Collection; “The Mole” is dedicated to all tunnel engineers and British Tunnelling Society, to those who are deep under the ground with the mind blowing technologies, committed and working without given up.
The original photographs and project plans of the recent London tunnelling projects has given the inspirations on developing surface textiles. As serious as the tunnel engineering is, we wanted to keep the print designs as humorous and vibrant as possible. The circular shape and geometric details of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) also know as a ‘mole’, the shades of soil and rock strata has given both the knit and print ideas. By taking the classic elements of civil engineering uniforms, we wanted to achieve masculine sporty looks. There are accessory pieces referring the hard hats, the shape of the tunnels and wire connections.
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